Stainless Steel Wax Dabber-Colorful

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A dabber is an important dab tool. It serves as a protective barrier between your hand and the heated surface, preventing you from getting burned while you’re dabbing
This dual point dabber featuring a sharp pointed tip on one side of the tool and a long, scoop tip on the other end. It's perfect for handling your favorite oil, wax, hash, and shatter style concentrates.
The slender dabber is 4.72" long and you can see threaded grip to provide a more comfortable and tighter grip. 
This stainless steel dab tool is sure to become one of your daily favorites!
  • Length: 4.72" / 12cm
  • A scoop tip
  • A pointed tip
  • High-Quality Metal
  • Colorful Body
  • Threaded flexy grip
  • Category: Dabbers