Cactus Silicone Carb Cap

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This unique cactus carb cap is made from high-quality FDA approved silicone and borosilicate glass, the cactus features two arms and the main body is laced with four red dots as the flower and multiple white dots. The glass base fits all quartz bangers with 18~25mm OD cup, a nice little thing to brighten your day!

The borosilicate glass base and the silicone handle can be taken apart and be clean separately making it last much longer than most of the carb caps on the market!

  • High-Quality FDA Approved Silicone Material.
  • Borosilicate Glass Base
  • Cactus Novelty Carb Cap
  • Carb Cap 
  • Cute Carb Cap
  • Fits 18~25mm OD Quartz Bangers.
  • Category: Carb Caps