14mm Quartz Tip For Nectar Collectors

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Pure quartz tip, compatible with any glass or silicone nectar collector set with a 14mm female joint. A fine replacement to replace your broken tip instead of buying a brand new kit.

Features Of This Quartz Tip

  • Made From 100% Pure Quartz.
  • Fits Any Glass/Silicone Nectar Collector With 14mm Female Joint.
  • No Clips Included
  • Category: Quartz Enail Bangers


Quartz tip for nectar collectors

Comparing to a glass tip, a quartz tip can withstand so much more heat. A glass tip will melt and deform when applying 500°C of heat to it in under 60 seconds, however, you can burn a quartz tip with a butane torch flame for 3 minutes with 800°C of heat and it’ll still be fine(not that we recommend heating your quartz tip at that high of a temperature when dabbing of course.)


  • No need for seasoning.
  • Can withstand a massive amount of heat without melting nor deforming.
  • “Purer” taste for your concentrates comparing to a titanium dab nail.
  • Cheap to buy and replace.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for high-temperature dabs.


  • Easier to break compared to a titanium tip.

12 reviews for 14mm Quartz Tip For Nectar Collectors

  1. Mike T

    Good quality product

  2. Mitchell P

    Good quality product. Accurate order.

  3. Dyllan J


  4. Winifred W

    good quality

  5. Kristina E

    took 1 week to get here

  6. Paula X

    very fast.

  7. Antonio

    Much thicker than the one that came with my kit, very good

  8. Bob M

    Clean and packaged well!

  9. Carroll

    Very clean and very thick too, got a free ducky carb cap

  10. Stewart G

    Nice quality

  11. Leo G

    Very Satisfied

  12. Bennie

    No keck clips included

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