30mm Heating Coil For Enails

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ThisĀ heating coilĀ is compatible withĀ enail PID controllersĀ withĀ female XLR connectionsĀ andĀ works with all quartz/titanium dab nail withĀ 30mm OD cups. The built-inĀ thermocouple temperature sensorĀ monitors real-time temperatureĀ change from the coil and will show on the temperatures readings on the PID controller.

Please note that we've only tested this heating coil on the PID controllers that are listed on PuffingBird.com, we do not guarantee that it works on other brands PID controllers.

  • 30mm Barrel Coil For Electric Nectar Collector Dab Nails
  • Kevlar Fabric Coating
  • 5 Pin XLR Male Connection.
  • Work On All Puffing Bird Enail Dab Kit Units.
  • 1.6 Meter(5ft)
  • Built-In Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
  • Category:Ā Enails&Dab Pens,Ā Quartz/Titanium Nails&Bangers